A new Biertje Drinken Stripje Lezen! BDSL #5 "I've got all the time to read now" I'm going to do some time in jail, come and visit me at this special location: Noordsingel Jail in Rotterdam

so a brand new COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT LIBRARY, some cardboard installation, some more stuff to do and to read and to drink. Some good ol' Comic book culture to free your mind!

Visiting hours are saturday March 12th and Saturday march 26th from 13:00 till 22:00 at the Noordsingel Jail, Noordsingel 115 - 117 in Rotterdam. It will be part of the "GEIHEIM VAN NOORD" tickets are 10 euro's, More information and get tickets at www.geheimvannoord.nl

I did a reading for the fine CANNED LAUGHTER exhibition as part of the geen daden maar woorden festival. wich was a lot of fun to do.

Unfortunately, by technical difficulties, it was cut short and was I not able to show the last 2 pictures. My apologies for that.

so for people who where there, here are the last 2 pictures of the slide show:

god creating man, just as a silly little joke

and you should sometimes take some distance and keep your sense of humor if you want to survive this life!


Saturday september 12 and Sunday the 13th we will do a brand new Biertje Drinken, Stripje Lezen.This time as part of the art-festival 'Kunst in het Witte de Withkwartier'. I copied a bunch of comics out of my collection and made a little bootleg library. So come down and drink a beer and read a comicbooklet!

Saturday 12th of September from 12:00 till 23:00

Sunday 13th of September from 12:00 till 17:00

museumpark rotterdam

info on the festival: http://festivalwwwk.nl/

YES! It's finally here for you to buy:



full length album on glorious vinyl, with artwork by yours truly.

get your copy of this great LP, and also buy the T-shirt I made for them: https://skeletor1.bandcamp.com/merch

glorious fucking vinyl

Also there's a really great track on there inspired by the "humans" poster I once did. Who else can say they have a trash metal song of their artwork?

check them out, buy their record, support them......... ..and bang your head like it's the early 90's again!


shit on the shitter


a bunch of cartoons for when you take a load off, for 'de grote rotterdamse kunst kalender 2015'


vulgar display of Skeletor

made a shirt for my good friends of SKELETOR, get it HERE

I did the artwork for their upcoming full length LP, which sounds great! so check them out!

I was in Berlin, making cardboard furniture for my great friend Dirk Verschure, he has a studio / store now at the Emserstrasse Neukölln Berlin, check it out if you happen to be in town, or check out his cartoons online from anywhere at his big bunny blog.

...also HERE is the documentation of the Altars I made for het big church of Breda. It was a big project, very intense to make, a lot of fun, and also all cardboard again. I'm proud of the result. So check it out...look at WORKS and click ALTARS

this weekend my worked showed in the "Grote Kerk" (big church) in Breda. I made 6 cardboard altars specially for this church. I thought it all came together very nice, So later on I will proudly present some documentation of this special project,

for now this photo has to do....


look at that! new work; a room divider made of an old cardboard box and paper-tape, framed in a fine wooden frame.

lovely... isn't it?..... maybe it's just the very fine studio photo my friend adje made of it... anyway..... I like it.....


room divider



trash fucking metal

trash band skeletor, so underground they have no album out, if they will, soon I hope, I will draw a good cover for them

devil horns in the air and bang your head!

all hail skeletor!




Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

uh.............ok............ it has been too long since I updated this dump..... busy or lazy, you choose


A brand new studio! So that's some good news!

Hoornbrekersstraat 14, again in the city center of Rotterdam. A new office and a beautiful big workshop.

Futher in the street there are some artist studio's, some good car-tuning shops and the methadone-clinic.

so in short all you need

come by, tune your car, get some methadone and get some works of art!







SUNDAY may 19th

6 pm sharp

we will give you a good dose of crazy comics, readings, animated cartoon fun, beer, good company and something good to eat. All in the fine place WORM in rotterdam.

After that you can catch a concert by Gary Wilson.

Check out worm.org for more information about this fine event

Who would have thought sunday could be this much fun!


so...... that was what I was doing all that time....

new exhibition / installation for the Van Gogh museum.

Barbara Stok made a comic-book about the life of Vincent van Gogh. And so they asked me to design an exhibition about the two artists.

opening will be october 19, 4 o'clock in the library of Groningen. you are very welcome

and then .......... it will tour around the country.

so catch it if you can...


4 out of 5! and it's in the newspaper so it must be true

Nice review by Joost Pollmann in "de Volkskrant" today (friday august 31) of the Graphic and Protest exhibition.

Pollmann review




Graphic And Protest


Exhibition time! Graphic and Protest

The exhibition design is from my hand, and along with these great artists it's gonna be a pretty good show.

Be very welcome at the opening on thursday 23 of august at 20:00

would be great to see you again, it has been too long...

cardboard artboard


All the easter-eggs should be found by now, so time to relax, drink a beer and read a comic booklet. A brand new soireetje du BDSL,

we will host a evening for - with and about comics and cartoons

april 10 / 19:30 / worm / boomgaardsstraat 71 / Rotterdam

check out the event at worm here



One thumb up for me! and the other thumb up for de centrale

one fine mural in one fine wood-workshop



Hi there!

The Peter Pontiac exhibition is still for show in the OBA (openbare bibliotheek amsterdam) free, and from 10 am till 10 pm, a 5 minute walk from central station.

exhibition will run till 27 of march

...so go and have a sniff at that!


Don't forget! une sooireetje du BDSL!

Tuesday december 13 , 19:00 pm, WORM boomgaardstraat 71 R'dam

hope to see you there!


Yes! It's f*ckn cold outside!

so we (Kito and me) thought, let's stay in drink a beer and read an good ol'comic book.... and why not together?

So tuesday 13 December from 7 p.m. in WORM , comics and cartoons and some music and a reading about cartoons and some animated cartoons and beer and more comics and more beer.

so it should be a nice little get together, your friends told me they will be there! so be welcome!


++now you can see what you have missed!++

Documentation of my latest exhibtion designs are here!

Wasco tekent! design and production of an installation for the obscure underground comic artist Wasco


Design, production, co-curator and reseach for the exhibition: Peter Pontiac, comix, hot-pix and tragix. an overview of 40+ years of brilliant comics, illustrations and art from our beloved rock 'n roller / comic artist.


yes! a new shirt I designed with Koos Siep for the Mesh Printclub.

I heard from various reliable sources that chicks dig it... so try to get one at one of the mesh events, check out their site here


04-9-2011 "the south will rise again???????"

Hey there!

The weather was pretty shitty this summer, so I worked on the following stuff:

BUT film festival in Breda- made 4 large scale prints, will be shown outside during the festival. It's a nice little film festival by the way, the best / worst underground , thash and B movies, so that should be fun

Opening night: September 7 and then fantastic trash entertainment till september 11. check out their site here

And at the moment we are working very hard to finish the exhibition for a personal hero of mine: Peter Pontiac; Comix, hot- pix and tragix. wich I designed and produced. a lot of blood, sweat and fun went into this .

You are all very welcome to take a look: Opening is on Friday september 9 at 7 p.m. Graphic design Museum Breda. Exhibition will be there till november 27.

At the same time in the same museum, I designed and produced an installation for Wasco. comics about comics, abstract comics, walking coffee pots, cats and dogs. Opening night happend to be also at september 9 at 7 p.m. in that same Graphic design museum.

Comics, some beers, good people & your friends told me they will meet you there

so come down south, friday september 9.

more info how to get there: http://www.graphicdesignmuseum.nl/


Hey there!

did a little much needed updating to the good ol' home. So check out these designs for various exhibitions I made the last year.

Also did a little spring cleaning of some other stuff,

so take a look around, enjoy

Oh yeah... here's some new design I made for Kito's strip lounge, march 5 , Museumnight at the CBK rotterdam.

It was great to work with my pal the good ol' cardboard again,

It was a great night, lot of good people, great comics and wonderful beers.



 I designed and produced the exhibition MOOI IS DAT! for Gert Jan Pos, cartoon guy of the Fonds BKVB

It's an exhibition from the beautiful book with the same name. A collection of 57 dutch novels made into 1 page comics. It's a great project, beautiful works from the best Dutch and Belgium comic artists. You should really check it out, I'm proud of the exhibition design, made possible with great help of Bart Cuppens, Henry Lammers, Cindy Jansen and Douwe Halbertsma.

It's on show in the beautiful Central Library in Amstedam, OBA, just a 5 minute walk from the central station. It will be there till January 16, open every day from 10am till 10 pm.

so come and read some comics!

Back from Barcelona where we made the "Holanda: el plaer de dibuixar" stand at the Ficomic Fair

The exhibtion was a lot of work, a great succes, and really a lot of fun

I'm really happy with the result, wich had never come to such a succes without; Bart Cuppens, Douwe Halbertsma, Rop de Graaf, Jasper Droogers, and of course Gert-Jan Pos for organizing the whole adventure in the first place


(I will post some more pictures soon)

----what has been up and will be up----

I made a design for the exhibitions IK/YO and Dick Matena. organised by Gert-Jan Pos / Fonds BKVB...

... and with the greatest help of Bart Cuppens, Jasper Droogers, Douwe Halbertsma and Rop de Graaf we made the whole thing.

4 dutch comic artist and 4 comic artists from Spain will exhibit their auto-bio comics in the IK/YO exhibition, Marco Bakker will show his portraits of these artist and Dick Matena will exhibit his book "het Dwaallicht". All of this on the Ficomic fair in Barcelona from may 6 till may 9.

so if you're in the neighbourhood come and check it out 
(and if you have the urge, please do dress up as your favorite comic hero)

Hi there! a little update (about time, i know)

Friday april 9
Riffling Through My Drawers
8 pm
WEI  / Mathildelaan 3 / Eindhoven

So, of course you're all invited.
It's a show of 6 artist who will present new drawings, so enough good stuff to see from :

Darcy Bartoletti
Wouter van de Koot
Thijs Persijn
Erik Vermeulen
Koen Taselaar

click for more information here over there ......................here

I will present a new poster there, so come take a sniff at that

.....here's a little sneak preview:

Friday november 6, I will give a short reading on art by cartoonist

20:00 Half Juni, Wolphaertsbocht 51, Rotterdam

see you there, or not, you choose...


Saturday november 7, a comics/art fair in the Janskerk, Utrecht. about 80 cartoonist in a church...... well, hope god can appreciate a good joke
now you can buy all the stuff you always wanted to buy, like the Humans poster, crapbook and With Drawn.
from 10 am till 5 pm.

Friday = payday, so no excuses, bring cash.

more info HERE

Hey there,

Crapbook has some nice reviews, check out this Canadian radio show Inkstuds; '5 cartoonist you should be reading stuff by', thanks Robin! It's a great radio show, lots of interviews with heroes like Tony Millionaire, Gary Panter, Spain, Kim Deitch and loads of others. Great stuff! hours and hours of education


Also there's a nice review by Printed Matter in New York, nice small press artist bookstore, a great place to spend your time and money. Search for Crapbook on their site


just moved to a new office in city centre of Rotterdam, with my good friends Jan Huijben and Koos Siep.

so... come and visit, Stadhuisplein 9, Rotterdam



A new newspaper with and about cartoons and comics 

with the following artists:

Daan Botlek
Ivo van Leeuwen
Jan Huijben
Peter van Genderen
Joost Halbertsma
S. Lloyd Trumpstein
Marijn van Kreij
Martijn van Santen
Fleur van Heest

Presentation will be october 1st in the "search in progress" exhibition, Lcc, voorhaven 57, Rotterdam, from 19:00 p.m.

So... come and get some!


CRAPBOOK will be on Art Basel

"the 2009 special show highlights ‘comic books‘ by artists"

(who the hell else?...... farmers? plumbers?) 

many thanks to Printed Matter (nyc, usa), for bringing me there

SO! Art Basel, the special artist book show, 10-14 june 2009, in Basel, Switzerland.

don't forget your fancy pants!

The best comic book shop in town

If you are to be in Brooklyn NY, be sure to check out Desert Island

A very fine selection of books and prints and stuff (also happens to have the Humans-poster and Crapbook)

So.. please spend all your money at desert island


just saw this documentary on the metal band ANVIL

A hilarious, but also deeply touching portrait of artists trying to make it, not giving up the dream, a must-see for every struggling artist out there

now showing in NY and other places in the US and canada, and I hope, soon worldwide

please check out, ANVIL -the story of anvil


SUNDAY march 29

16:00 at JansenKooy gallery in Warnsveld


Jurgen Chill
Douwe Halbertsma
Joost Halbertsma
Camille Meeussen
Michiel Reesink
Freerk Wieringa

It's at the beautiful farmhouse / galery JansenKooy, So come and breath some fresh air and see some fine works of art.
not to far away from the middle of nowhere, but if you got a car; it's going to be worth a nice drive.

see jansenkooy for more information

+++the all new CRAPBOOK!+++focus on the future, try not to panic+++24 pages / black and white+++


+++ HUMANS poster+++offset print/ full color/ 59,4 x 84cm/+++


invest your money wise; email me for more information

new book will be presented here,

a fine thing to visit on your lazy sunday afternoon. There will be food and drinks and a live program.

special location:

Kantine Steinweg, opposite Deliplein in Katendrecht, veerlaan 9-11 (see map here)

books for sale... ask your parents for more money this weekend

all your friends will be there....

more info: www.deplayer.nl